Thursday, March 14, 2013

My Birthday Celebration

As usual, Chad and Zak gave me a wonderful birthday celebration this year.  It was a Thursday night, so they didn't go too crazy, but it was perfect for me!

We started with dinner at my favorite restaurant, Mexican of course, Los Aztecas.
223 Shoemaker Rd.,  Pottstown, PA

When we got home from dinner I had a pile of gifts awaiting me.

Chad got me everything I had suggested for gift ideas!
Yes, Corningware...I'm a cooking geek.
Our 3 birthstones. He had Chad and Zachary engraved on each side of the stones.

And just when I thought it couldn't get any better, Chad pulled this out of the refrigerator.
Cake Boss Red Velvet favorite flavor. This one was phenomenal!
He even got me sparkly candles!

Sometimes you'd think my son was still a toddler.  True to form he had more fun playing with the box than the gift.  HAHA!!!
It was his "helmet".

My BFF, Tami, got me this beautiful windchime to add to my sun collection on our front porch.

Thank you, Chad, Zak, and Tami, for all of your love and support.  You all mean so much to me!!!

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  1. Sprakly candles!!! OOOOOO! Love them!
    The sun catcher looks lovely! I'm glad you had a wonderful birthday!