Thursday, March 21, 2013

Doggy Dental Downer

On the morning of Saturday, February 23rd I thought it looked like Abby's cheek under her left eye was a little swollen, but then I thought maybe it was just the way she was was getting pushed up or something.  By the time we got home from dinner that evening, her cheek was noticeably swollen.

By Sunday morning, it was so swollen it was causing her eye to not be able to open fully.  I called the veterinarian's office first thing Monday morning and got her an appointment for that afternoon.

The doctor thought it was probably an abscessing tooth, so she gave Abby a shot of Penicillin, gave me Amoxicillin to give her at home, and told me to call back on Wednesday and let them know if the swelling was going down.  If it was going down then she could be sure that it was an abscessed tooth, if it didn't she would have to do x-rays and look into it further.  They had me schedule extraction surgery for Thursday anyway, because the doctor was pretty sure that was what it was.

We didn't make it to Thursday.  Tuesday morning, we woke up to goop oozing out of her eye and her cheek so swollen her eye was just a slit.

I called the veterinarian back and they moved her extraction surgery up to Wednesday morning.  She had 2 teeth that were cracked up the middle and abscessing.  One of the teeth came out in its 2 parts, the other took more work and came out in 4 pieces.

We had them do a complete dental cleaning on her as long as they had her under sedation.  Hopefully that will keep this from happening again.  So, $520 and about a week later, the swelling was almost completely gone and she was well on her way back to healthy.

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  1. That was a nightmare Abby went through. She is lucky to have a mommy like you who takes good care of her.