Saturday, February 23, 2013


For Zak's birthday in 2012 he got snowboarding clothes (coat, pants, gloves, socks) in anticipation of going on the snowboarding trip that is offered through our school.  It is every Friday night from December through the first week of February to Bear Mountain that is about 40 minutes north of here.  He never made it last winter and this winter he and Meesa have attempted to go on the trip several times but it was cancelled each time due to either low attendance or poor weather.

Well this week Meesa suggested they go on their own and mentioned that Spring Mountain is only about 25 minutes east of here, so we took them last night.  We got there at about 4:00pm and they were geared up and ready to go at 4:45pm.  The slope is open until 9:00pm but we thought for sure they wouldn't last that long.  Well they did and Zak came off the slope with a huge smile on his face!

Geared up and ready to go!
Getting his bindings on proved to be a bit difficult at first.

First ride on the chair lift, he got on with no troubles.
Meesa sent me this from the chair lift.
I'm so glad he was finally able to go snowboarding.  Of course his first words when he saw us after they came off the slope were, "I want to get my own board."  Houston, we have a new obsession.  Haha! :-)

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  1. I'm glad he and Meesa had a good time. It does look like fun - for the youth, that is.