Wednesday, January 16, 2013

He passed the test!

We took Zak to the DMV yesterday to get his driver's permit.  Unlike in MI, in PA you have to pass a written test before you get your permit and can start any driving at all.  Zak had been studying for the test for a couple of weeks, but was still very nervous as we entered the driver's license center.

Even the staff member that helped us commented, "you need to relax son, you're about to stroke out and you're too young for that." Haha!  The good news, all the hard studying paid off, he passed on his first try!

We took him to a parking lot to get him his first experience behind the wheel of a car.  He's been saying to us for months, "I can drive a go cart and the tractor, how hard can it be?"

Well he found out how different it can be.  He was extremely nervous!  We are going to be enrolling him in a driver's training course, which is not required in PA but does result in you getting a discount on your car insurance, but the course is only 6 hours and he must have 65 hours and six months before he can take the driving test to get his license.

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  1. Good luck Zak… you will need it when you drive with your MOTHER in the passenger seat! LOL!